Sunday, January 11, 2015

Greatly Appreciated Note from a Three Runs Property Owner

Happy Fall! While our friend Diane is happy training with an FEI rider on the West coast, we are living in her house and preparing to build on our lot next door. Every morning we enjoy a brisk walk on the trails with our dog, and out the windows of Diane’s kitchen we see bicyclers, joggers & others getting their morning exercise & walking their dogs as well. Throughout the day riders come and go from the arena, some taking lessons, others doing a bit of schooling before enjoying a hack on the trails. Our competition riders are out doing gallop & trot sets in the cooler morning air, and from our location at what will eventually be the center of the development, it’s already a hub of contented equestrian activity, gaited horses go whizzing by to access the trails, riders gallop and school the cross country fences and the occasional team harnessed to a carriage rolls by. Maybe contented people don't speak up as much about their experience because they're so busy being content. This is an amazing place to live, and if I'd known it existed when I was a little girl, I would have dreamed of nothing else.

Forgive us if we get so busy enjoying life here that we forget to pause and say thank you.

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Testimonial for Equestrian Community in Aiken, SC
Testimonial for Equestrian Community in Aiken, SC

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